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Uniqop: unique online grocery store for Persian food

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Uniqop is a unique online grocery store which includes essential information and staff about Persian food. It mainly has two parts of store and recipes. Uniqop’s online store has a collection of best quality ingredients to cook the most delicious Persian foods from Ghprmeh Sabzi to Salad Shirazi. If you are a Persian food lover and you are living out of Iran, you may probably be familiar with the challenges of finding the right ingredients such as Persian rice. By shopping from Uniqop you can save plenty of time and energy. Since it has a complete collection of everything you do not have the need to search for stuff other stores. You can also save a lot of time since it is online and you do not need to transport.


Uniqop has a through the section for Persian food recipes that include a notable amount of recipes. Uniqop recipes are the best among all others on the internet since they contain the essential knacks and hints for cooking Persian foods. You can cook the best Ghormeh Sabzi, and Persian rice using Uniqop’s recipes. There are many hints that everybody can use to cook the best Tahdigs like Iranian mothers. Whether you are a beginner in Persian cuisine or you are a Persian master chef, Uniqop has something to bless you. Count on Uniqop to organize your party’s catering easily.


To sum up, Uniqop is a website which contains both stores for shopping Persian ingredients and recipe section, for finding the best recipes. Moreover, you can learn about Persian food and Persian culture by studying Uniqop’s blog. Uniqop’s online grocery store is now available in California to fill your Persian baskets. Soon, all Americans can order all their groceries from Uniqop. However, our online recipes are available for all Persian food lovers who are dying to cook the most delicious Ghormeh Sabzi and Tahdig ever.

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